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With over 30 years experience on large and small commercial projects across the Southeast, Billy Pape Plumbing stands ready to partner with you on your next Commercial or Multi-family project.

New Construction

When you select BPPI for your next project, you'll not only receive a competitive price, you'll also partner with a proven subcontractor committed to protecting your profits and standards. Through project meetings, updates, and quality hands-on oversight, your deadlines will be met and lengthy punchlists will become a thing of the past. In fact, over the past 10 years and on over 375 projects, our company has a 100% track record for meeting general contractor milestones and deadlines!

Retail Remodels

Trust BPPI with your next retail remodel for the white glove plumbing experience. We understand the importance of speed and reliability during a remodel, so we do all we can to ensure that your client's store is open as soon as possible. With plumbing licenses active throughout the Southeast and a large fleet of late model equipment, we're uniquely equipped to handle the needs of chain and franchise work. And though it's rarely needed, we also stand behind all our work with lightning fast repair service throughout the warranty period.

Overnight/Work-In-Place Remodels

Work-In-Place requires a contractor who can work quickly, safely and professionally to minimize the disruption to your working store environment. At BPPI, we are experienced in this art and will work closely with your staff, other trades, inspectors, and your clients' staff on the ground. We've renovated mall stores, restaurants, grocery stores, big box, and stand-alone retail space -- often with the clients' customers not even knowing we were there!

Apartment Burn Outs

When tragedy strikes an apartment complex, investors, managers, and residents alike want one thing: normalcy ASAP. Our nimble workforce allows us to quickly move assets into position to rebuild your damaged unit. By salvaging what we can and working around what we can't, your burn-out can be rehabbed economically with as small a hit as possible to overall complex occupancy.

Government/Public Works Projects

From University dorms to Federal penitentiaries and everything in between, contractors like you have selected BPPI for reliable plumbing construction on mission-critical projects. Our back office is well versed in the additional record keeping, bonding, and filing requirements needed for government work.


Dentist Offices, Medical Clinics, Medical Supply Warehouses, etc. have been a specialty of BPPI for the last 25 years.  Let us build or remodel your healthcare business with our more than capable commercial plumbing crews.  With safety and execution in mind, we will partner with general contractors and doctors alike to successfully complete your project.


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