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Billy Pape Plumbing is a full-service multi-family and commercial plumbing contractor located in Raymond, Mississippi and serving the Southeast.


Our History

Pape and Plumbing have been synonymous for nearly 100 years, ever since Billy's father, W.C. Pape entered the trade in the 1920s after his return from the battlefield during World War I. W.C. learned the basics of plumbing from his brother and then later as an engineer in California on the Santa Fe Railroad.

When Billy was 5, the family moved from California to Seminary, Mississippi in 1950 and started a small plumbing repair company. Billy was quickly put to work, first as the "pot man" in charge of heating up the solder tubs used for old lead pipe fittings, then as the "shimmy man" sent scurrying in the tight spaces in crawlways under the home, until he moved up to "after school repair man" with a route of own.

Billy recalls many a day when his father would check him out of school at lunch to make the rounds of various customers who needed work done. After his high school graduation, Billy continued to work in the evenings and weekends while he attended Jones County Junior College and the University of Southern Mississippi. Eventually, he moved to New Orleans to work for __ Construction out of Houston, Texas on multi-family plumbing projects.

Billy returned to Mississippi in 1972 and began doing gas line work, along with water line repair for the local water co-op. Eventually, he began working for The Underwood Company as their in-house repair plumber, supporting several large subdivisions in Brandon, Mississippi.


In 1986, Billy launched his own company with one truck and a helper, Billy Pape Plumbing, Inc. Starting as a residential plumber, the business quickly grew into light commercial work. By 1995, BPPI had over 30 employees and tackled large multi-family apartment complex jobs in Mississippi and Tennessee.



As BPPI entered the 21st Century, the number of completed projects reached 300 with work throughout the Southeast. The company offices were moved from Jackson to Raymond, Mississippi where a former mattress factory warehouse was available.





Like his father, Joey had worked on construction sites during the summers ever since he was 12. In 2005, Joey Pape graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Construction Management and began to work in the business full-time. In 2013, Joey took over the day-to-day operations of BPPI as President. Today, BPPI continues its tradition of excellence with active jobs in a variety of industries all across the Southeast. Put BPPI's experience to work on your next project!

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